Welcome to the hot steamy world of A.J. Marcus. Here is a sensual mind ready to carry you off to worlds both far and near. Follow cowboys as they find love in a blizzard, or superheroes as they fight to save the world and each other. Here is a place where fantasies are fulfilled and new ideas are opened up. There are mysteries to be solved, and hard bodies to be fondled. You never know where the stories will take you, but youíll always be happy to you took time to read.

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Cougar Chaos
Mountain Spirit Mysteries #4

Parks and Wildlife Officer Brock Summers-Weir and his new husband, wildlife rehabber Landon Weir-Summers, are on their honeymoon high in the northern Colorado Rockies when they find an orphaned cougar cub. They quickly discover that there have been a number of cougars injured or killed in the area around Steamboat Springs. Although they are supposed to be on vacation, they work with local officials to try to find out whatís happening to the big cats.

When they get too close to the answers, their camp is ransacked and an ominous message is left. Rather than letting this intimidate them, they step up their investigation in the hopes that they can find the people responsible for the carnage and still manage to have a happy honeymoon.

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An Enchanting Lift off

The skyís the limitÖ.

Itís wealthy advertising executive Rusty Donovanís first time at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. When he scores a ride on a hot-air balloon in rainbow colors, heís as captivated with the balloonís pilot, Chad Holmes, as he is with the breathtaking experience. Rusty learns Chadís business is struggling to the point where he might have to close it down. Fortunately, Rusty has some ideas about promoting Chadís Santa Fe based tour company, and he also has some ideas about what heíd like to do with Chad. As they work together and get to know one another, the futureóboth for the business and for them as a coupleólooks as bright as the brilliant New Mexico sky.

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The Satyr's Seduction
Gifts of the Fae #3

Like most satyrs, Simon Farmer has expensive and varied taste. Heís not in the market for anything more than a few drinks and as many lovers as he can manage. When he catches the eyes of bartender, Peter Cowan, the tables turn and the hunter becomes the hunted. Will Simon be able to resist the mortal who wants to give him everything?

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Breaking the Ice
Hardwood Shifters #3

A young badger shifter runs into a bat shifter and finds himself trying to evade hunters while returning home to Hardwood Valley.

Ben Miner is happy with his life as a business major at Colorado University Boulder. For the first time in his life, he's getting things planned out. He's about to graduate and ready for anything life can throw at him, as long as he doesn't have to go home to Hardwood Valley. He's tired of the shifter community there and wants to stay among the humans.

Felix Chantal is doing his best to support himself and his sister as they struggle to get their degrees. When hunters ambush them at his sister's work, the two fight back, then find themselves on the run.

When Ben and Felix run into each other, their lives change forever. They have an instant attraction, but with hunters on their tails, do the badger and bat have time to explore the feelings welling up within them before a hunterís bullet ends everything?

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Sealed with Acceptance
Signed Sealed Delivered #5

Jacob and Adrian fell in love in high school. They are mates and always have been, but then Adrian cheated. It was one night of stupidity, and it ruined their relationship forever.

Or so they both thought.

Now, three years later, theyíre thrown back together when Adrianís parents want Jacob to mate with Charlie. Adrian isnít thrilled with the idea of Jacob being with his little brother, but thereís nothing he can do about it either.

If Adrian wants him back, heíll have to prove to Jacob that heís never going to hurt him again. But it might already be too late for them.

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